Breaking Free Services was established in 2005 with a goal of reaching out and meeting the needs and ministering to families in crisis.  Shari serves clients from all backgrounds and ages, with a specialty focus in two specific areas. The first is working with families and helping to bridge the gap between teens and their parents. The second area of focus is working with couples and marriage counseling. Shari has a heart to see marriages thrive, hearts healed, and redemptive marriages succeed. She has special training and focus on working with Blended Families and writes a blog series "From Broken To Blended".

Meet Shari Linger, MS, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I have devoted my life to reaching out and helping  people grow and mature through  difficult life situations. I have done this through clinical counseling, youth trips, leadership training, educational instruction and small group ministry.

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